Boiler Training Courses and Classes by BTG

With over 30 years of experience in the boiler industry, BTG has the knowledge and experience to provide the best boiler training courses available for boiler owners, operators, and those who service and repair boilers. Our boiler training courses focus on operation, safety, and efficiency.

Why BTG Boiler Training Courses?

Steam production facilities are key to the success of many commercial and industrial complexes. However, skilled operators and technicians are critical for safe and efficient operation. We know the importance of well-trained boiler operators and have identified an increasing need for better training in the boiler industry. Our boiler training classes are designed to meet that need.

boiler training courses and classes

We currently provide the following types of boiler training:

Boiler Training Courses for Beginners to Professionals

BTG’s Boiler Training Classes are designed to meet the needs of beginners and seasoned boiler professionals. Our comprehensive classes are detailed and hands-on. They teach boiler operators how to operate and maintain boiler systems at maximum safety and performance. Our boiler water treatment training classes teach operators how to properly pre-treat system water.

Core objectives in the classes include:

  • safely operating boilers
  • performing proper inspections
  • planning and conducting maintenance
  • troubleshooting.

Our Experienced Lead Instructor

BTG is led by Marty Toth. Marty is a U.S. Navy veteran and the former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee. He is also a current Main Committee member and Vice Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Repairs & Alterations for the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). Marty is the lead instructor for all training courses at BTG. He brings over 35 years of boiler industry experience into the classroom and will challenge every student to open their minds and test their abilities.

View Boiler Training Class Schedules

We have boiler operator training classes across the Southeast throughout the year. Click on the links below to view our available classes.