Boisco Training Group (BTG) is the training division of ECS Consulting, LLC and a preferred partner of Boiler Supply Company, Inc. We specialize in boiler operator and boiler water treatment training classes, as well as custom training in the energy conversion throughout the industry.

About Our Preferred Partner, Boiler Supply Company

Launching operations in Nashville during 1942, Boiler Supply Company, Inc.’s founder Wallace E. Lunn, Sr. envisioned a company servicing the industrial and institutional markets of Tennessee and surrounding states with emphasis on power generation and distribution.


At the present time Boiler Supply Company, Inc. has four offices across the Southeast. The company consistently ranks in the Top Ten agents in the country in sales of Cleaver-Brooks equipment with a goal to attain this status with all major product lines represented.

The management and employees of Boiler Supply Company take pride in its history of safe, quality work with the emphasis on value and service satisfaction to customers. Even as technology and markets transition, this guiding focus will never change.

Creation of a Boiler Training Division

We know the importance of well trained boiler operators and have identified an increasing need for better training in the boiler and energy conversion industry. Our boiler training classes are designed to meet that need. BTG is primed and ready to be the leading provider of training in the area of boiler and energy conversion equipment operation, safety and efficiency optimization.

Boisco Training Group (BTG) started with our first class, the Basic Boiler Operator Training class (BBO), in July 2015 and hasn’t look back. The BBO class was the first in a line of training classes that BTG has been developing for the energy conversion industry. With nearly 75 years of industry experience and hundreds of cumulative years of individual experience, BTG, with our preferred partner, Boiler Supply Company, will have at its disposal some of the most knowledgeable “boiler people” this industry can muster.

Director of Training

The Boisco Training Group (BTG) is led by Marty Toth, former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee and current member of the Main Committee and Sub-Committee (Repairs & Alterations) for the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). Along with directing BTG, Marty will be the lead instructor for all BTG classes. He brings over 30 years of boiler industry experience into the classroom and will challenge every student to open their minds and test their abilities.