Boiler Water Treatment Training

The Boiler Water Treatment Training class offers an understanding of the problems caused in a boiler system and teaches operators how to pre-test and pre-treat the water going into the boiler system as well as how to test and treat internal water.

boiler water treatment training

Classes are taught by leaders in the boiler industry who have years of experience and the expertise to thoroughly and effectively teach the complex topics in this class.

Why Boiler Water Treatment Training Is Necessary

As water turns to steam in a boiler, impurities present in the water will leave solid deposits in the boiler. These deposits actually insulate the heat exchange surfaces in the boiler, which initially decreases the rate of steam generation, but, if left unchecked, causes boiler metals to reach failure temperatures, resulting in boiler explosions.

Removal or chemical modification of the impurities that are potentially damaging to the boiler is essential to safe and efficient boiler operation. It is important to understand the methods of pre-treating external, raw water as well as the methods for treating internal water as it moves through the system. Many factors in testing water and treating water are included in the course, including oxygen scavengers, coagulation, phosphates, chelants, feed water, and make-up water.

Boiler Water Treatment Training Topics

The following topics are covered in the Boiler Water Treatment Training class.

  • Why Do We Test?
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Internal Boiler & Condensate Treatment
  • Hands-On Lab & Testing

For more detailed information click below to download the class agenda.