Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of our actual students had to say about their experience in BTG Boiler Operator Training class.

“I thought the class was very helpful…Enjoyed the visual aids and the instructor was good.”

Mark, Taylor Farms

“GREAT! Kept it interesting.”

Phil, Williamson Medical Center

“Great…I learned a lot!”

Joey, Taylor Farms

“Operating (boilers) over 10 years and learned things in this class that I never knew…Very good class with a lot of useful information.”


“Great class, well taught!”


“The class was very insightful and well organized!”

Mark, Taylor Farms

“I don’t know if everyone I am working with has attended, but they should!”

Kary, Pepsico

“I’m new to boilers, this class really helps a lot. Instructor went into great detail and included me even though he could tell I knew little about boilers…great job!”

Justin W., Sonoco

“It was great and very informative…it’ll help the (attendee) understand the dangers and operation process that will help the company with savings in the long run.”

Mark, Yates(Nissan)

“Great class and would attend again if possible!”

Clinton, Prince Erachem

“This was a great class!…[the instructor] kept me interested both days. I would strongly recommend this class for my company!”

Brandon, Stellar Group

“Keep up the good work!”


“Outstanding class and very knowledgeable instructor.”

Larry, Sonoco

“[The instructor] was/is very knowledgeable and openly concerned with the classes understanding of the material, very refreshing”

Kary, Pepsico