Custom Boiler Training Courses

Along with our on-the-road classroom training programs, customers and employers have the option to have BTG come to your facility for onsite boiler training classes. Not only can our expert instructors bring any of our training classes to your facility, we can bring the hands-on experience of the programs home by demonstrating them on your own familiar equipment.

onsite boiler training classes

Onsite Boiler Training Courses

Our onsite boiler training is customized for your company. As a result, you’ll have an assortment of training modules to choose from. Each module is tailored to suite the needs of your people and your facility.

All boiler training modules can be selected in an a la carte fashion. The length and cost of classes will depend on the modules you choose and the number of people in each class.

Boiler Training on Your Own Boilers

At BTG, we understand that there is no better way to train than on your own equipment. As a result, training can be more effective because demonstrations take place on the boilers and in the boiler rooms that your people operate every day. This type of boiler training is unprecedented.

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Contact BTG at or 800-849-5001 to find out more information on how you can customize your own class and bring the power of Boisco Training Group home to your people.