Training Boiler Operators by the Experts

Boisco Training Group (BTG) is the premier boiler training group in the Southeast. At BTG, we know that training boiler operators is crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of boiler systems. Boilers play a critical role in providing heat, steam, and hot water for a wide range of applications, including power generation, heating, and industrial processes. Proper training helps operators understand the complex operating principles of boilers, as well as the importance of safety protocols and regulations.

Boiler Training Is Necessary to Ensure Safety

Training Boiler Operators

One key reason why training boiler operators is essential is to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment. Boilers are high-pressure systems that can pose serious risks if not operated correctly.

Improper operation of boilers can lead to catastrophic accidents, such as explosions, which can result in injuries or even fatalities. By providing comprehensive training to boiler operators, companies can minimize the risks associated with boiler operations and create a safer work environment for their employees.

Boiler Operator Training Helps Maximize Efficiency

Safety is not the only reason training is important. Trained boiler operators are better equipped to maximize the efficiency and performance of boiler systems. Properly trained operators understand how to optimize boiler settings, monitor performance indicators, and troubleshoot common issues that may arise during operation. This knowledge can ultimately lead to cost savings for the company in these ways:

  • improved energy efficiency
  • reduction of fuel consumption
  • increased  lifespan of boiler equipment

Training Helps Ensure Compliance

Training boiler operators is essential for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Boiler operators need to be familiar with safety codes, operational guidelines, and maintenance procedures to meet regulatory standards and prevent violations. By investing in training programs for boiler operators, companies can demonstrate their commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, while also avoiding costly fines or shutdowns due to non-compliance.

Enroll in Boiler Operator Training Classes Online

Boiler Training Sessions Now Scheduling in 2024

BTG, the premiere boiling training group in Tennessee, has four boiler training sessions available to kick off the new year. The classroom locations are in Nashville and the Atlanta area.  There are two Basic Boiler Operator classes and two Water Treatment and Testing classes. The first Basic Boiler Operator class meets January 23 – 24. The second one meets February 27 – 28. The Water Treatment and Testing classes meet January 25 and February 29.

Boiler Training Sessions Fees

Classes begin at 8 am and conclude at approximately 4 pm – 5 pm for both the 2-day Basic Boiler Operator class and the 1-day Water Treatment and Testing classes. Your class fees include all materials, along with breakfast and lunch. But the cost of lodging is not included in the 2-day course.

Registering Sessions

You can register and pay for classes online at the BTG website. BTG offers a discount for groups of 4 or more so if you have several people who need training, it is more cost effective to have them train at the same time. It will also be more beneficial for your boiler operators to train together. They can ask questions about your particular equipment and benefit from the answers that are particular to your equipment.  

Boiler Training Session Description

Our training sessions are appropriate for beginners, but also for seasoned boiler professions. After completing the the Basic Boiler Operator curriculum, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify different types and categories of boilers
  • Use boiler controls to fire the boilers properly and efficiently
  • Use safety devices
  • Perform proper inspections
  • Schedule maintenance routines in a timely manner
  • Troubleshoot the boiler systems

The Water Treatment and Testing curriculum includes: 

  • Pre-treatment of the system water 
  • Boiler chemistry from the start of the cycle through to the condensate return to the boiler
  • Blowdown procedures and equipment

How to Become a Boiler Operator in Tennessee

Are you looking for a good job? Did you know that in August 2023, the popular online program Zip Recruiter listed 419 jobs available for a boiler operator in Tennessee? The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for boiler operators will increase by 2% over the next ten years.

What Does a Boiler Operator Do?

Boiler operators are responsible for boilers that generate steam to power turbines for power generation and for various other industrial heating applications. An operator performs tests, inspections, and maintenance to ensure that the boilers run safely and without fail. They test water level, pressure, and chemical levels, perform routine safety checks, do troubleshooting, and replace worn parts, like valves, pipes, or filters.

What Does Tennessee Require to Become a Boiler Operator

If you want to become a boiler operator in Tennessee, you must:

  • Earn a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Complete an apprenticeship program in a certified organization
  • Obtain a license from the state by passing a written exam and a hands-on exam

What On-Going Training Does the Job Require?

Once you have the job, you will need to continue training throughout your career. Training companies like Boisco Training Group (BTG) offer classes in basic boiler operation, water treatment, and water testing. The BTG basic boiler operation class is also good to take while you are doing an apprenticeship before obtaining a license. 

BTG Is the Nation’s Premier Boiler Training Group

There’s no question that you will receive the best training available in any class that BTG (Boisco Training Group) offers. Marty Toth, who teaches the classes, is the former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee. So, when you take his classes, you learn the necessary technical skills from an expert in the field. Check the schedule for upcoming classes.

Atlanta Boiler Operator Training Class – Only a Few Seats Left 

There is still time to lock in your seat in the March 21-22 Atlanta Boiler Operator Training Class. The class is in Fairburn, GA, at our Boiler Supply Company Service & Training Center. Register today either online or with your purchase order. Just follow the instructions under Class Registration on our website. 

Boiler Operator Training Class Description 

Although this is our basic boiler training class, it is appropriate for both beginners and seasoned boiler professionals. The topics in the class will challenge the beginner and serve as a review and reaffirmation to even the most seasoned boiler professional. 

Topics in the class include:

  • Types of boilers and their uses 
  • Types of combustion and heat transfer 
  • Types of burners and components of fuel trains 
  • How to maintain a safe boiler and boiler room equipment 
  • Types of controls and safety devices, their purposes, and their code requirements 
  • Responsibility of a boiler operator to do daily, weekly, and monthly checks and tests 
  • Sequence of various controls during operation from start-up to shut-down 
  • Inspections and maintenance 
  • Capitalizing on boiler efficiency 
  • Troubleshooting

BTG Is the Nation’s Premier Boiler Training Group

There’s no question that you will receive the best training available in any class that BTG (Boisco Training Group) offers. Marty Toth leads BTG. He is the former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee and current member of the Main Committee and Sub-Committee (Repairs & Alterations) for the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).  

Class Schedule for the Atlanta Boiler Operator Training Class

The class begins each morning at 8 am and concludes at 4 pm. Your class materials and a continental breakfast and lunch are included with your class fees. If you need hotel accommodations, please make your own reservation. Hotel accommodations are NOT included. 

Why Is Boiler Training So Important?

Boiler training is important because a trained operator will be able to run a boiler system more safely and more efficiently. This can add to a company’s bottom line. But the number one reason for training is to avoid boiler explosions. Boiler explosions were quite common in the past. However, due to more emphasis on training classes, explosions are certainly less frequent now. Unfortunately, they do still occur. 

Recent Boiler Explosion

Only five years ago, a boiler explosion happened in St. Louis at the Loy-Lange Box Co. The explosion launched debris the size of a van that “bombed” the roof of Faultless Healthcare Linen over 500 feet away. Four people inside the building died from the incident. 

Cause of the Boiler Explosion

Attorneys for the explosion victims said the explosion was caused by a series of errors including  inadequate water chemistry treatment and deficient repairs. Proper training in these two areas alone might have saved the lives of four people and avoided a $47 million settlement.

Where to Get Exceptional Boiler Training

BOISCO Training Group offers one of the best training courses in the country on the proper operation of boilers. We also offer a course on water treatment and testing. Class leaders are leaders in the boiler industry with years of experience and the expertise to teach complex topics thoroughly and effectively.

In addition to regular classroom training programs, BTG instructors can also come to your facility for onsite boiler training. The benefit of hands-on training on your own familiar equipment is obvious.

Schedule a Class Today

If you would like to schedule a class at your facility, contact BTG at or call 800-849-5001. Find out more information about how we can customize a course for you. For open enrollment classes, see our class schedule for upcoming classes.

BTG’s First Boiler Operator Training Class Given in 2015

This year Boiler Supply Company, Inc., celebrates 80 years in business. We are proud to be a preferred partner specializing in boiler operator and boiler water treatment training classes. As a leader in the boiler industry, Boiler Supply recognized the need for training boiler operators. So, in 2015, Boiler Supply initiated the first boiler operator training class, provided by BTG, a division of ECS Consulting.

 The Importance of Boiler Operator Training Classes

first boiler operator training class

The importance of boiler operator training classes cannot be minimized. The history of the boiler industry is filled with tragic catastrophes. Before “survivors” from boiler explosions learned how to periodically clean their boilers, boiler explosions were quite common.

As boiler manufacturers made boilers safer, they also made them more complicated. This necessitated the need for better training in the boiler industry. Boiler training classes by BTG is filling that need. Currently, we provide boiler owners, operators, and service technicians with training in boiler operations, service, and troubleshooting. We also cover equipment safety.

Basic Boiler Operator Training Class

Our Basic Boiler Operator (BOO) training class is one of our most popular classes. This class covers the following topics:

  • Combustion & Heat Transfer
  • Burners & Fuel Trains
  • Dangers & Prevention
  • Controls & Safety Devices
  • Operations, Safety, & Testing
  • Sequence of Operation
  • Inspections & Planned Maintenance
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Troubleshooting

We also offer the Water Treatment & Testing (WTT) training course This class covers proper pre-treatment of the system water and boiler chemistry. Students also practice testing water samples with their classroom-supplied test kits.

Check Our Class Schedule for Classes Near You

BTG offers boiler training classes in Nashville, TN, and Knoxville, TN, as well as other locations, on demand. View the class schedule to find a convenient class date. Then click on the class date you are interested in to see how many seats are still available in the class. You also Bcan even register and pay online.

In-Person Boiler Training Classes at Boisco Training Group (BTG)

COVID-19 put a stop to in-person boiler training classes for a while. To meet the increased demand, BTG is working to schedule as many of these classes now as we can. We are also providing customized training classes for commercial and industrial businesses. 

Why In-Person Boiler Training Classes Are Necessary

In-person Boiler Training Classes Now Being Offered

We realize that in-person classes are still not for everyone, but, unfortunately, Zoom-style classes just won’t get the job done. The nature of our boiler training classes and our boiler water treatment classes requires one-on-one, live training. Visual aids are difficult to “pass around” in a Zoom class and hands-on labs are impossible.

Custom Boiler Training Classes

For custom boiler training classes, our instructors come to your facility. We offer an assortment of training modules for you to choose from. And each module will be customized for your people, your boilers, and your facility.  

Classroom demonstrations take place on the boilers and in the boiler rooms that your people use every day. There is no better way to train than on your own equipment. This type of boiler training is unprecedented.

Why BTG Is the Best in the Industry

BTG is led by Marty Toth, former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee. Currently he is a member of the Main Committee and Sub-Committee (Repairs & Alterations) for the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). 

BTG gave its first class in 2015, and we’ve been giving them ever since. Along with our preferred partner, Boiler Supply Company, we have nearly 75 years of industry experience and hundreds of cumulative years of individual experience. BTG has some of the most knowledgeable “boiler people” in the industry at its disposal.

Contact BTG for In-Person Boiler Training Classes

Please give us a call at (615) 504-9064 for questions about classes or to set up custom training at your location. 

Don’t Miss the Next Water Treatment & Testing Class at BOISCO Training Group

The next Water Treatment & Testing Class given by the BOISCO Training Group (BTG) is coming up on March 30, 2022. Limited space is available, so register soon.

Attend Our One-Day Comprehensive Water Treatment & Testing Class 

Our BTG training class concentrates on water treatment for boiler and boiler-related equipment. The class will include proper pre-treatment of system water and understanding boiler chemistry, condensate, and blowdown. In the afternoon, students will perform lab work so they can get hands-on practice testing water samples with their classroom-supplied test kits.

For each module of study, students must answer quiz questions on the materials presented. Additionally, at the end of the class, students must complete and pass a 50-question Final Exam. Attendees who successfully complete the class will receive a class certificate of completion. Additionally, they will receive six Professional Development hours.

Class Logistics

You will find the important details about the class logistics listed here:

  • You can register and pay online or set up an account with Boiler Supply Company if you prefer to pay by purchase order. 
  • The class location is Boiler Supply Service & Training Center, 2400 Kline Avenue, Nashville, TN.
  • The class begins at 8 am and concludes at approximately 4 pm. 
  • We provide all class materials and sample test kits.
  • We provide continental breakfast and lunch. 
  • Class fee does not include hotel accommodations. 
  • Register here.

BTG Is a Trusted Training Provider for the Water Treatment & Water Testing Class

BTG has over 75 years of experience in the boiler industry. So, with this knowledge and experience, we can provide expert training.  BTG provides the best boiler training courses available for boiler owners, operators and those who service and repair boilers. We also offer custom boiler training classesfor your company’s special needs. Contact us today.

Do Your Operators Need Basic Boiler Training?

At Boiler Training Group (BTG), we know it’s been tough getting new boiler operators trained during this COVID pandemic. But now, our two-day, basic boiler training classes are back at both our training center locations! We have class seats available in October 2021 in Fairburn, GA and in January 2022 in Nashville, TN.

With the backlog of training that COVID caused, we recommend you sign up as soon as possible. Seats may go quickly. If you have several operators to train, you can take advantage of the quantity discount. For more information, go to our class schedule. Then, just click on the class you want, and you can register and pay online. (If you have an account with us, you can also pay online with your purchase order number.)

What’s in Our Basic Boiler Training Class?

BTG is the leader in the boiler industry when it comes to training. Our class covers the basics of boiler operation, and it is appropriate for beginners. However, the classes also cover topics that benefit even seasoned operators. Some of the topics we cover include: 

  • types of boilers currently in service
  • how boilers are fired
  • dangers and preventions
  • controls and safety devices
  • sequence of operation
  • boiler efficiency
  • proper inspection
  • planned maintenance
  • case studies
  • troubleshooting

For more details about the basic boiler training class, see the class agenda.

Class Details

Classes start at 8:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. We start with a continental breakfast before we dive into the class materials, which are included in your fee. In addition to breakfast, lunch is also provided daily and included in your fee. 

Your knowledgeable instructor will be Marty Toth, former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee. He has over 30 years of experience in the boiler industry. And he will have no trouble holding your interest for two days. See attendees’ testimonials.

Why Choose BTG for the Best Boiler Safety Training Classes

In all segments of the energy market, the source that provides the power requires careful handling. Whether it is gas, electricity, steam, or nuclear reactors, lives are literally at stake. So training for operators and workers in these industry segments is crucial. BTG (Boisco Training Group), provides the best boiler safety training classes available.

At BTG, we see our mission as “bringing knowledge to power.” To fulfill that mission, we provide much-needed boiler training classes and boiler water treatment training. We gear our classes toward

  • boiler owners
  • engineers and operators of boilers
  • boiler maintenance personnel

The Importance of Safe Boiler Operation

Historical data shows that about 83% of reported accidents are a direct result of human oversight or lack of knowledge, not boiler failure. (Boiler failures have gone down. This is because boiler equipment has become better and more sophisticated.) Accidents typically result from low-water condition, improper installation and repair, operator error, or poor maintenance. So training in all these conditions is the key to reducing the number of accidents.

What Constitutes the Best Boiler Safety Training Classes?

Only individuals with the appropriate operating skills and boiler safety training should be operating and maintaining boilers. So at BTG, we teach our students the correct operating skills and how to use them safely.

Our instructors have tremendous experience and are highly effective trainers. Marty Toth is the lead instructor for all BTG classes. And he has over 30 years of boiler industry experience. Also, he is the former Chief Boiler Inspector for the state of Tennessee. 

About Boisco Training Group

Boisco Training Group is a leading provider of boiler training classes in the Southeast. We offer classes in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and surrounding cities.