Why Choose BTG for the Best Boiler Safety Training Classes

In all segments of the energy market, the source that provides the power requires careful handling. Whether it is gas, electricity, steam, or nuclear reactors, lives are literally at stake. So training for operators and workers in these industry segments is crucial. BTG (Boisco Training Group), provides the best boiler safety training classes available.

At BTG, we see our mission as “bringing knowledge to power.” To fulfill that mission, we provide much-needed boiler training classes and boiler water treatment training. We gear our classes toward

  • boiler owners
  • engineers and operators of boilers
  • boiler maintenance personnel

The Importance of Safe Boiler Operation

Historical data shows that about 83% of reported accidents are a direct result of human oversight or lack of knowledge, not boiler failure. (Boiler failures have gone down. This is because boiler equipment has become better and more sophisticated.) Accidents typically result from low-water condition, improper installation and repair, operator error, or poor maintenance. So training in all these conditions is the key to reducing the number of accidents.

What Constitutes the Best Boiler Safety Training Classes?

Only individuals with the appropriate operating skills and boiler safety training should be operating and maintaining boilers. So at BTG, we teach our students the correct operating skills and how to use them safely.

Our instructors have tremendous experience and are highly effective trainers. Marty Toth is the lead instructor for all BTG classes. And he has over 30 years of boiler industry experience. Also, he is the former Chief Boiler Inspector for the state of Tennessee. 

About Boisco Training Group

Boisco Training Group is a leading provider of boiler training classes in the Southeast. We offer classes in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and surrounding cities.