Why Is Boiler Training So Important?

Boiler training is important because a trained operator will be able to run a boiler system more safely and more efficiently. This can add to a company’s bottom line. But the number one reason for training is to avoid boiler explosions. Boiler explosions were quite common in the past. However, due to more emphasis on training classes, explosions are certainly less frequent now. Unfortunately, they do still occur. 

Recent Boiler Explosion

Only five years ago, a boiler explosion happened in St. Louis at the Loy-Lange Box Co. The explosion launched debris the size of a van that “bombed” the roof of Faultless Healthcare Linen over 500 feet away. Four people inside the building died from the incident. 

Cause of the Boiler Explosion

Attorneys for the explosion victims said the explosion was caused by a series of errors including  inadequate water chemistry treatment and deficient repairs. Proper training in these two areas alone might have saved the lives of four people and avoided a $47 million settlement.

Where to Get Exceptional Boiler Training

BOISCO Training Group offers one of the best training courses in the country on the proper operation of boilers. We also offer a course on water treatment and testing. Class leaders are leaders in the boiler industry with years of experience and the expertise to teach complex topics thoroughly and effectively.

In addition to regular classroom training programs, BTG instructors can also come to your facility for onsite boiler training. The benefit of hands-on training on your own familiar equipment is obvious.

Schedule a Class Today

If you would like to schedule a class at your facility, contact BTG at customtraining@boiscotraininggroup.com or call 800-849-5001. Find out more information about how we can customize a course for you. For open enrollment classes, see our class schedule for upcoming classes.