Boiler Training Sessions Now Scheduling in 2024

BTG, the premiere boiling training group in Tennessee, has four boiler training sessions available to kick off the new year. The classroom locations are in Nashville and the Atlanta area.  There are two Basic Boiler Operator classes and two Water Treatment and Testing classes. The first Basic Boiler Operator class meets January 23 – 24. The second one meets February 27 – 28. The Water Treatment and Testing classes meet January 25 and February 29.

Boiler Training Sessions Fees

Classes begin at 8 am and conclude at approximately 4 pm – 5 pm for both the 2-day Basic Boiler Operator class and the 1-day Water Treatment and Testing classes. Your class fees include all materials, along with breakfast and lunch. But the cost of lodging is not included in the 2-day course.

Registering Sessions

You can register and pay for classes online at the BTG website. BTG offers a discount for groups of 4 or more so if you have several people who need training, it is more cost effective to have them train at the same time. It will also be more beneficial for your boiler operators to train together. They can ask questions about your particular equipment and benefit from the answers that are particular to your equipment.  

Boiler Training Session Description

Our training sessions are appropriate for beginners, but also for seasoned boiler professions. After completing the the Basic Boiler Operator curriculum, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify different types and categories of boilers
  • Use boiler controls to fire the boilers properly and efficiently
  • Use safety devices
  • Perform proper inspections
  • Schedule maintenance routines in a timely manner
  • Troubleshoot the boiler systems

The Water Treatment and Testing curriculum includes: 

  • Pre-treatment of the system water 
  • Boiler chemistry from the start of the cycle through to the condensate return to the boiler
  • Blowdown procedures and equipment