Why Choose BTG for the Best Boiler Safety Training Classes

In all segments of the energy market, the source that provides the power requires careful handling. Whether it is gas, electricity, steam, or nuclear reactors, lives are literally at stake. So training for operators and workers in these industry segments is crucial. BTG (Boisco Training Group), provides the best boiler safety training classes available.

At BTG, we see our mission as “bringing knowledge to power.” To fulfill that mission, we provide much-needed boiler training classes and boiler water treatment training. We gear our classes toward

  • boiler owners
  • engineers and operators of boilers
  • boiler maintenance personnel

The Importance of Safe Boiler Operation

Historical data shows that about 83% of reported accidents are a direct result of human oversight or lack of knowledge, not boiler failure. (Boiler failures have gone down. This is because boiler equipment has become better and more sophisticated.) Accidents typically result from low-water condition, improper installation and repair, operator error, or poor maintenance. So training in all these conditions is the key to reducing the number of accidents.

What Constitutes the Best Boiler Safety Training Classes?

Only individuals with the appropriate operating skills and boiler safety training should be operating and maintaining boilers. So at BTG, we teach our students the correct operating skills and how to use them safely.

Our instructors have tremendous experience and are highly effective trainers. Marty Toth is the lead instructor for all BTG classes. And he has over 30 years of boiler industry experience. Also, he is the former Chief Boiler Inspector for the state of Tennessee. 

About Boisco Training Group

Boisco Training Group is a leading provider of boiler training classes in the Southeast. We offer classes in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and surrounding cities.

What to Expect from a Boisco Training Group Class

The Boisco Training Group (BTG) is the training division of Boiler Supply Company, Inc. in Nashville, TN.  Boiler Supply Company has nearly 75 years of industry experience. So we have some of the most knowledgeable “boiler people” in the industry with hundreds of cumulative years of individual experience. As the training arm, we have access to all this valuable experience and information.

What to Expect from the Instructor

Marty Toth is the lead instructor for all BTG classes, and he has over 30 years of boiler industry experience. Also, he is the former chief boiler inspector for the state of Tennessee.

He challenges every student and makes the classes interesting to every student, regardless of the student’s experience. Reviews on boiler classes, from the attendees, bear this out.

What to Expect from the Class Material

First and most importantly, the class material is well-planned and delivered. The class agenda for each class is available online. And you can depend on the instructor to cover all the topics in the agenda. 

Our students tell us that they really appreciate the visual aids and degree of detail that the classes cover. Students describe the class material as very interesting and very useful. Even experienced boiler operators say that they learn things they didn’t know in a BTG class.

Class Offerings

BTG offers two classes on a regular basis:

These two-day classes are suitable for new as well as experienced boiler operators. We offer these classes at various dates and locations. And we also provide custom training classes on a client’s site. Please contact us at (615) 504-9064 if you or others in your organization need boiler operator training.

Note: Due to COVID-19, we do not have future class dates posted yet. Please check the schedule periodically for the class that you want.

Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Lists for Preventing Boiler Problems

In our last blogwe gave you a list of items to check daily and weekly. In this blog, we have included check lists for Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual inspections.

As you read through the following check lists, you might realize you need a higher level of proficiency to perform some of the inspections. If so, we suggest you sign up for a class. At Boisco Training Group, we offer boiler training classes for boiler owners, operators, and maintenance personnel. And we also give classes for water treatment and testing.   

Note: These are fairly generic lists, so you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for inspection to supplement this list.

Monthly Boiler Maintenance Checklist

  • boiler maintenance repair checklistsCheck compressor(s) air filter, and clean or replace as required (atomizing air)
  • Check boiler water treatment test results received from treatment company, adjust treatment as required
  • Also, BTG recommends owner/users to take daily water samples themselves
  • Lubricate motor and equipment bearings on boiler AND boiler associated equipment
  • Test combustion air pressure switch (interlocks)
  • Check fuel gas and oil training for external leaks
  • Check low fire start interlock
  • Check operating and high-limit controls (pressure and/or temperature)
  • Test low water cutoffs (hot water)
  • Though checking more frequently is highly recommended
  • For oil — test pressure and temperature switches (interlocks)
  • For gas — test high and low gas pressure switches (interlocks)
  • Manually lift safety valves and check operation for steam boilers ≤400 psi and relief valves for hot-water heating boilers

Semi-Annual Boiler Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspect burner components and linkages
  • Check flame failure system components
  • Check piping and wiring of all interlocks and shutoff valves
  • Recalibrate all indicating and recording gages and instruments
  • Perform an evaporation test for low water cutoffs (steam)
  • Check combustion control system
  • Also, BTG recommends owner/users to have their combustion checked (tuned) by a qualified service technician using combustion test instruments
  • For oil — check atomizers and strainers
  • Manually lift safety valves and check operation for steam boilers > 400 psi

Annual Boiler Maintenance Checklist

  • Perform the SEMIANNUAL maintenance procedures
  • Check and test all fuel training components, to include a leak test of the safety gas valves by a qualified service technician
  • Perform a pilot turndown test
  • Recondition or replace low water cutoff
  • For gas — check drip leg and gas strainer
  • Clean boiler firesides
  • Drain boiler, open manholes and hand holes, and clean watersides
  • Have boiler inspected by a commissioned inspector
  • Clean burner and fans
  • Replace waterside and fireside gaskets
  • Replace, rebuild or test (Pop-Test) boiler safety/relief valves per the acceptance of your commissioned boiler inspector
  • Test operation of all controls and safety devices

About Boisco Training Group

Boisco Training Group (BTG) is the training division of ECS Consulting, LLC and a preferred partner of Boiler Supply Company, Inc. We’re an industry leader in boiler training courses, boiler water treatment and custom boiler training for boiler operators.

Please check our schedule of boiler classes for upcoming dates.


A Daily and Weekly Check List for Preventing Boiler Problems

boiler training safety coursesWhen it comes to boiler problems, we might want to rewrite the old adage and say that “an ounce of prevention is worth 100 pounds of cure.” When boilers are not properly inspected and maintained, the problems that can develop can be quite costly.

At Boisco Training Group, our boiler safety training classes (view class schedule here)  teach you how to inspect and maintain all types of boilers. Our classes focus on boiler operations, service, troubleshooting, and equipment safety. For those who have not taken one of our classes, we are happy to share these check lists of the items that you should check on a regular basis. Be sure to record readings and findings in an operation and/or planned maintenance log.

Note: These are fairly generic lists, so you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for inspection to supplement this list.

Daily Boiler Check List

Check the following:

  • Test low-water cutoffs of steam boilers (recommended once per shift)
  • Blowdown gauge glasses (steam)
  • Bottom Blowdown (steam), as needed
  • Boiler control linkage
  • Burner flame
  • Gages, monitors, and indicators
  • Instrument and equipment settings

Weekly Boiler Check List

Test low-water cutoff on low-pressure water boiler and check the following:

  • Flame signal strength for both pilot and main flame, and record readings
  • Flame failure cutoff and timing
  • Pilot and main flame fuel shutoff valve closing
  • Ignitor and burner operation
  • Level in chemical treatment tank
  • Salt levels in the water softener brine tank

2018 Boiler Operator Training Classes

We have training classes for boiler operators scheduled for September, October, and November in Nashville and Knoxville TN and Fairburn, GA. Check the class schedule here.

More Check Lists to Come

Boisco Training Group is an industry leader in boiler safety training classes and boiler water treatment training. In upcoming blogs, we will also share check lists for monthly, semi-annual, and annual boiler inspection and repairs.

Professionals Needed for a Proper Boiler Inspection

Government regulations and insurance company generally dictate required inspection schedules for boilers. The types and frequencies of inspections may vary. But for safety sake, we recommend biannual inspections. We suggest that you do the internal/external inspection while the boiler is off, not running, with all doors open and inspection plates removed no less than once a year. The external inspection (while the boiler is under pressure) should be performed approximately 6-months after the internal/external inspections to best minimize the time between inspections.

Who Is Involved in a Boiler Inspection?

At a minimum, there are three people that take part in an inspection:

  • the boiler owner or operator
  • a water treatment specialist
  • certified and licensed boiler inspector

Each person has a role to play in the inspection:

  • The inspector should have professional training and certification. He performs the inspection and makes recommendations at the conclusion of the inspection.
  • The owner/operator should inform the inspector of any operation problems that have occurred since the last inspection.
  • The water treatment consultant or the owner/operator should provide the inspector with chemical data for water treatment that has been performed prior to inspection. The water treatment consultant also performs deposit and metallographic analyses as the needs arise during the inspection.
  • The owner/operator and the water treatment consultant both help identify root causes of problems found by the inspector. They are also the ones who make the needed adjustments to the boiler management program after the inspection.

Inspection Results

At the conclusion of the inspection, the inspector should have a conversation with the owner/operator and water treatment consultant, if available, to compare the general conditions observed in the inspection to those of previous inspections. The inspector should also provide a written report to the owner/operator that gives a chronological list of cause and effect problems and constructive action to take to avoid recurrence.

About BTG Boiler Training

The key to safe boiler operation and inspections is boiler operator training. BTG offers boiler training classes, boiler water treatment classes and we also create custom boiler operator training classes for companies. For a class near you please check out our class schedule here. BTG is a part of Boiler Supply Company. Boiler Supply company specializes in new boiler systems by Cleaver Brooks, Parker Boiler and more. They also provide boiler repair and boiler parts to companies across the Southeast U.S.

Boiler Safety Training: Are Boiler Explosions a Thing of the Past?

Without question, the safety level in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities is much better than it was 100 years ago. At that time, death and injury from boiler explosions were almost an everyday occurrence. But today, are boiler explosions a thing of the past? Sadly, the answer is “no” and boiler safety training is just as important now as it has ever been.

A Recent Tragedy

Just this year, on April 3 (2017), a steam storage tank weighing close to 2,000 pounds blasted through the roof of the Loy Lange Box Company. The force of the explosion was equal to 350 pounds of TNT.

The van-sized tank went through the roof at almost 120 mph. It rose 425 feet above street level and traveled laterally approximately 520 feet toward its “target.” Then it crashed through the roof of a nearby linen company building. So, in just a fraction over 10 seconds, three people were killed and at least five were injured. Ultimately, one of the injured died.

This tragic story repeats itself year after year.

What Was the Cause?

Statistics show that low water condition, operator error, and poor maintenance are some of the leading causes of boiler explosions. The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) found the cause of the explosion. It was a failure at the bottom of the tank. A part that was leaking had been repaired earlier in the year instead of being replaced. Consequently, the repaired part corroded, causing the failure of the boiler. With proper boiler safety training it’s possible this tragedy could have been prevented.

Boiler Safety Training is One Way Boiler Explosions Can Be Prevented

Only individuals with the appropriate skills and boiler safety training can operate and maintain boilers and pressure vessels safely. That’s why, at BTG, we design our boiler training classes to give boiler operators and maintenance engineers the skills and the understanding they need for boiler operations, service, troubleshooting, and equipment safety. Learn more about our training here.

About Boisco Training Group

Boisco Training Group is a leading provider of boiler training courses, boiler training classes, and boiler water treatment training. We provide classes throughout the southeast to teach boiler operator safety training in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and surrounding cities.

New Boiler Training Course for 2017

If you are looking for a boiler training course in 2017 check out the wide array of courses we have to offer by clicking here. BTG (Boisco Training Group), the training division of Boiler Supply Company, Inc., specializes in both boiler training classes and boiler water treatment training classes. We provide this training to boiler owners, operators, and maintenance personnel. The success of these classes continues to grow, and we have scheduled additional classes into 2017 to meet the demand.

About Our Boiler Operator Training Course

The importance of the safe operation of boilers cannot be over emphasized. Historically, before “survivors” from boiler explosions learned how to periodically clean their boilers, boiler explosions were quite common. Boiler operator training classes not only teach safe operation and maintenance, they save lives.

Beginners will be challenged by this class and seasoned professionals will be able to update and reaffirm their knowledge. The following topics are included in our boiler training courses:

boiler training course

  • Combustion & Heat Transfer
  • Burners & Fuel Trains
  • Dangers & Prevention
  • Controls & Safety Devices
  • Operations, Safety, & Testing
  • Sequence of Operation
  • Inspections & Planned Maintenance
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Troubleshooting

Click here to download the detailed class agenda.

Find a Boiler Training Course Near You

BTG offers boiler training classes in Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN, and Fairburn, GA. To find a convenient class date, click here to view the class schedule. Then click on the class date you are interested in to see how many seats are still available in the class. You can even register and pay online.