A Daily and Weekly Check List for Preventing Boiler Problems

boiler training safety coursesWhen it comes to boiler problems, we might want to rewrite the old adage and say that “an ounce of prevention is worth 100¬†pounds of cure.” When boilers are not properly inspected and maintained, the problems that can develop can be quite costly.

At Boisco Training Group, our boiler safety training classes (view class schedule here)  teach you how to inspect and maintain all types of boilers. Our classes focus on boiler operations, service, troubleshooting, and equipment safety. For those who have not taken one of our classes, we are happy to share these check lists of the items that you should check on a regular basis. Be sure to record readings and findings in an operation and/or planned maintenance log.

Note: These are fairly generic lists, so you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for inspection to supplement this list.

Daily Boiler Check List

Check the following:

  • Test low-water cutoffs of steam boilers (recommended once per shift)
  • Blowdown gauge glasses (steam)
  • Bottom Blowdown (steam), as needed
  • Boiler control linkage
  • Burner flame
  • Gages, monitors, and indicators
  • Instrument and equipment settings

Weekly Boiler Check List

Test low-water cutoff on low-pressure water boiler and check the following:

  • Flame signal strength for both pilot and main flame, and record readings
  • Flame failure cutoff and timing
  • Pilot and main flame fuel shutoff valve closing
  • Ignitor and burner operation
  • Level in chemical treatment tank
  • Salt levels in the water softener brine tank

2018 Boiler Operator Training Classes

We have training classes for boiler operators scheduled for September, October, and November in Nashville and Knoxville TN and Fairburn, GA. Check the class schedule here.

More Check Lists to Come

Boisco Training Group is an industry leader in boiler safety training classes and boiler water treatment training. In upcoming blogs, we will also share check lists for monthly, semi-annual, and annual boiler inspection and repairs.