Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Lists for Preventing Boiler Problems

In our last blogwe gave you a list of items to check daily and weekly. In this blog, we have included check lists for Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual inspections.

As you read through the following check lists, you might realize you need a higher level of proficiency to perform some of the inspections. If so, we suggest you sign up for a class. At Boisco Training Group, we offer boiler training classes for boiler owners, operators, and maintenance personnel. And we also give classes for water treatment and testing.   

Note: These are fairly generic lists, so you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for inspection to supplement this list.

Monthly Boiler Maintenance Checklist

  • boiler maintenance repair checklistsCheck compressor(s) air filter, and clean or replace as required (atomizing air)
  • Check boiler water treatment test results received from treatment company, adjust treatment as required
  • Also, BTG recommends owner/users to take daily water samples themselves
  • Lubricate motor and equipment bearings on boiler AND boiler associated equipment
  • Test combustion air pressure switch (interlocks)
  • Check fuel gas and oil training for external leaks
  • Check low fire start interlock
  • Check operating and high-limit controls (pressure and/or temperature)
  • Test low water cutoffs (hot water)
  • Though checking more frequently is highly recommended
  • For oil — test pressure and temperature switches (interlocks)
  • For gas — test high and low gas pressure switches (interlocks)
  • Manually lift safety valves and check operation for steam boilers ≤400 psi and relief valves for hot-water heating boilers

Semi-Annual Boiler Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspect burner components and linkages
  • Check flame failure system components
  • Check piping and wiring of all interlocks and shutoff valves
  • Recalibrate all indicating and recording gages and instruments
  • Perform an evaporation test for low water cutoffs (steam)
  • Check combustion control system
  • Also, BTG recommends owner/users to have their combustion checked (tuned) by a qualified service technician using combustion test instruments
  • For oil — check atomizers and strainers
  • Manually lift safety valves and check operation for steam boilers > 400 psi

Annual Boiler Maintenance Checklist

  • Perform the SEMIANNUAL maintenance procedures
  • Check and test all fuel training components, to include a leak test of the safety gas valves by a qualified service technician
  • Perform a pilot turndown test
  • Recondition or replace low water cutoff
  • For gas — check drip leg and gas strainer
  • Clean boiler firesides
  • Drain boiler, open manholes and hand holes, and clean watersides
  • Have boiler inspected by a commissioned inspector
  • Clean burner and fans
  • Replace waterside and fireside gaskets
  • Replace, rebuild or test (Pop-Test) boiler safety/relief valves per the acceptance of your commissioned boiler inspector
  • Test operation of all controls and safety devices

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